Aguilar & Perez Asesores was founded in Malaga ten years ago in the labour consultancy market sector with the aim to offer a quality, loyal and confidential service to our clients.Our corporate patrimony and wealth comes from our clients, that’s why there are more than 250 clients and companies that believe in us and our services.

If you have questions, do no hesitate to contact us via email or simply tell free to visit us in our office where we will be glad to inform you the real needs of your company at initials cost.

Labour Services

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Management and verification of your company labours papers and forms. Elaboration of payroll TC1. TC2, etc. Social security liquidations. Salarity reports. Elaboraion of contracts of employment. Liquidations, changes. etc. Training in socio-laboral techniques. Works methods, staff recruitment and personnel training. Human recourses. Advice. elaboration and information of trade union collective agreements as well as company agreements. Property management.

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Verbal advice. Employee social security registrations / unregistrations. Elaboration of work accident reports and stick reports. Elaborations of receipts for payroll payments. Permanent company advice and consultancy. Personal sanction and penalty reports. Writing of social reports.

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Company registrations and book keeping services concerning labour matters. File and notification to the proper institutions when changing your business activities. Company certificates and released documents. Appeal and complaint proceedings to national institutions. Expert’s reports R.E.T.A. General reports labour policies, bankruptcy protection as well as company structure management. Collective agreements mediation and labour arbitration. Labour jurisdiction. Appeal and complaint proceedings to proper institutions. 1.R.P.F. tax form submission to the tax office.



Warning: in order to avoid being fined by a possible employment ministry inspections. We advice you to communicate and register in the social security every single. Employee to be working in your company even before his/her joining to the company. Employee social registration. You must ask him/her the following information: Unemployment card (original). Social security card (photocopy). Identification number card (photocopy), work permit (foreigners not belonging to the European union).


If you wants to realise any consultation, to clear some doubt. Of to extend information about our services. You remembers that it you can do it comfortably.